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We help you get Atlassian solutions just right for your teams. To fully realize the true potential of your Atlassian solutions, requires deep expertise and commitment. The complex web of tools, processes and people involved can be daunting to manage. Remove the inefficiencies and be assured that every Atlassian tool does its best to carry you towards your business goals. We offer Atlassian business and technical consulting, training and license management, to managed services and support. Whether you want to be more Agile, transform to the cloud, improve your IT services, or have any other goals that can be met through Atlassian solutions: together we will find the best way towards your Atlassian-enabled success.


Cloud assessments, Cloud migrations, Cloud on-boarding, Cloud training, Cloud support and consultation.

Eficode can deliver Atlassian Data Center to you as a managed service, or through Atlassian Software in Kubernetes, an easy-to-manage system that is highly available, instantly scalable, and super-efficient.

Built and perfected together with Atlassian users over the years, our hosting service works whether you are in the cloud or on-premise.

With Atlassian Software in Kubernetes (ASK) you can run Atlassian installations within an easy-to-manage system that is highly available, instantly scalable, and super-efficient.

With continuous expert advice from a dedicated license management specialist, you can be confident that your organization doesn't waste time or money on license inefficiencies.

Let our Atlassian expert technicians handle your Atlassian environment, with everything from updates, incidents, implementations and processes, to supporting third party apps.

We offer training courses, seminars, and workshops for teams on-site, and regular public training courses. Our trainers are consultants with teaching experience.